2019 Age Group

There will be ten Age Group categories (vs. 6 for 2018), for both male and female competitors:

  1. 14-17
  2. 18-24
  3. 25-29
  4. 30-34
  5. 35-39
  6. 40-44
  7. 45-49
  8. 50-54
  9. 55-59
  10. 60+


For details on what is expected for Age Group racers on race day, please see: What you need to know about running Elite/Age Group .

Age Groups will be determined by your age on December 31st, 2019.

However, please note that minimum age requirements (14+ for general race events, and 18+ for Spartan Endurance events) will still be enforced on Race Day, regardless of the participants age on December 31st. 

Age Group Start Times:

Participants that register for the Age Group category will be assigned a start time based on their AGE GROUP and gender - regardless of whether that participant is part of a team. Team members are NOT placed together in the Age Group category, unless they are in the same age group range. 

Please Note: Racers who do not begin the race at their assigned Age Group start time risk disqualification

Spartan reserves the right to combine age groups and/or genders into one start time, depending on the number of registered participants. However, all members of an age group will always start at the same time. 

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