2019 Ultra World Championships


Join us for the 2019 Ultra World Championship in Sweden!

Here's some key things you need to know:

  • The Ultra World Championship Season starts the day after the previous Ultra World Championship ends. 
    • The 2018 Ultra World Championship season officially ended on December 9, 2018.
    • The 2019 Ultra World Championship season began on December 10, 2018 (and continues until November 8, 2019 - the date of the 2019 Ultra World Championship).
  • 2019 Season Events include: (Subject to Change, Please see for up to date schedule)
  • 4/27 Tri-State NJ, USA
  • 6/8 Ohio, USA
  • 6/15 Andorra
  • 6/29 Montreal, Canada
  • 7/5 Morzine, France
  • 7/13 Kimberley, British Columbia
  • 7/20 Ipoh, Malaysia
  • 8/17 Colorado, USA
  • 8/17 Hawaii, USA
  • 8/24 Krynica, Poland
  • 8/25 Zhangjiakou, China
  • 9/14 Vermont, USA
  • 9/14 Scotland
  • 9/28 North Lake Tahoe, USA
  • 10/26 Dallas, USA
  • 10/26 SoCal, USA
  • 10/26 Alviera, Philippines 


  • All points and qualifications earned on or after December 10th 2018 count toward the 2019 Spartan Ultra World Championship season.

  • The qualifying system for the 2019 Ultra World Championship is different than 2018, and is as follows:
    • All regular season Ultra events globally are qualifiers for Elite and Age Group categories into the Ultra World Championship. Competitors must achieve demanding finishing positions, and unlike 2018 there are only 300 qualifying spots available in total. Open category racers may freely register for the Ultra World Championship without prior qualification.
    • Each Ultra event will qualify the top 10 Elite female & top 10 Elite male athletes, plus the top 3 men and women in each age group. Qualifiers have a time limit of 14 days to register after the event and claim their spot.
    • A rolldown system will be in effect for qualifying. Qualifying competitors will receive an email notifying them whether they have qualified or not the Wednesday following an event. Qualifiers then have only 14 days to register for the Ultra World Championship, after which their qualifying spot will be forfeited and “roll-down” to the next qualifying finisher.
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